Agassi Consulting Engineers is committed to providing quality structural engineering services on projects of diverse types, sizes, and complexity. Our services encompass new buildings and structures as well as existing buildings, structures, and facades.

We offer our clients:
• Outstanding engineering and project management skills
• Broad experience and thorough understanding of the design and construction process
• Resourceful problem-solving ability and exceptional capacity for innovation
• Creative yet practical approach.

Agassi Consulting Engineers approaches each project as a unique undertaking. Clients have different visions and priorities and each project dictates its own specific requirements and circumstances. Drawing on our extensive experience and using our technical ingenuity and problem-solving capabilities, we strive to create the best product for our clients. We consider each client’s unique situation and each project’s challenges and constraints not as difficulties and cost drivers, but rather as opportunities to develop project-specific solutions that translate into enhanced design, better economy, and improved constructability.