Terminal One Canopy, JFK International Airport.
Agassi Consulting Engineers served as the structural engineer and prime consultant for this design-build project completed in association with VRH Construction Company for the Terminal One Group Association. The wing-shaped canopy covers the crosswalk and ground transportation lanes serving the 635,000 square foot terminal. The theme of flight is evident in the structural steel wings and spinal trusses designed to support this structure. Metal in Construction, the magazine of the Steel Institute of New York, observes: “[the] wing-shaped canopy seems to hover effortlessly in the air above the building’s pedestrian crosswalk and bus lanes…The team was able to economically create a feasible design without sacrificing esthetics and the unique detailing of the structure. The project proved to be an excellent example of how the design-build method of project delivery can be successful in producing an architecturally challenging project.”